Eye care (Tips & Remedies)

Eye Care

Among the five sensory organs, eyes are the most beautiful expressive organs we have that also have the capability of vision. Kapha eyes are usually large and clear with thick lashes. Pitta eyes are sharp, penetrating and sensitive and are prone to itchiness or redness. Vata eyes are small, nervous and dry.To prevent eye form damage its care is very necessary. It is best to avoid poor light when reading or using computers or watching television for long hours. Very intense light or using very hot or very cold water on the face and head is also not healthy for the eyes. Applying few drops of almond, coconut or sesame oil around the eyes prevents dark circles.

Dry or dull eyes

The aggravation of Kapha dosha causes dull eyes, while an increase of Vata leads to dryness.

Remedies for Dry or dull eyes

  • Use a few drops of honey, ghee or sesame oil in the eyes.
  • Boil 1/2 teaspoon of fennel seeds in 1 cup of water until it has reduced to half. Cool and use as eye drops.
  • Wash the feet in warm water and massage with oil.

Tense or blood shot eyes

Aggravation of Pitta dosha due to stress, smoke or pollution leads to red sore eyes. Fatigue and insufficient or irregular sleep also causes tense or blood shot eyes.

Remedies for Tense or blood shot eyes

  • Put 3 drops of rose water in the eyes.
  • Soak a cotton pad in rose water, milk or aloe vera juice and apply to closed eyes for 10-20 minutes while laying down comfortably.
  • Place a slice of cucumber on each eye for some time.
  • Boil 2 or 3 figs and 1 tablespoon of raisins in 1 cup of milk. Drink each morning.

Weak eyesight

Alochaka Pitta is responsible for maintaining eyesight and it weakens with age. Proper caring for the eyes is one preventative measure that helps.

Remedies for Weak eyesight

  • Grind about half a cup each of almonds, raw sugar and aniseeds. Divide into 40 doses and take one each day with a cup of warm milk.
  • Meditate daily on the flame of a candle.
  • Rinse the eyes with water daily. Rest eyes if working for long periods.
  • Mix some cardamom seeds with 1 tablespoon of honey. Eat daily.


  1. suvarna says:

    Hi,im suvarna.I like your tips but my eyesight is already weaken that my no.is -4.00 for both eyes.so what can i do now to reduce it?i m 16 years old.Plz suggest something………HAVE A NICE TIME!

  2. Nirma says:

    hi im nirma i need tips for eyes my eyessight very weaken and around the eyes dark circle
    and iam working secretary post iam using computer hole day please suggest some ideas.



  3. anu says:

    Hi im anu… im 18 yrs old… have dark circles and i have tried cucumber but it dint help me so any home remedies that will help me get rid of them….and also i want to know how to improve the thickness of eye lashes…..

  4. Hitesh D R says:

    Hi,i am Hitesh.
    I read your tips and its helpful too.
    my age is 25 now and my eyesight is already weaken that my no.is -6.00 for both eyes.
    so what can i do to reduce it?
    Plz suggest something….

    thank you in advanced…!

  5. harnet says:

    I suffered from squent eyes from last three years. I have to work with computer hole day. Please tell me remedies for this.

  6. munazza says:

    hi,my eye sight is wek.i cannot see the far objects.i have short-sightedness.
    and i want to join airforce so there eye-sight is required 6\6 so please help me!please reply me on my id.

  7. Abbas says:

    Hi there I also have weak eye sight and have a number of 7 for both eyes if anybody has some remedy plz email it to me so that i can improve it

  8. zaka-ur-rehman says:

    may name is zaka. pakistan karachi. zakais a may doter. zaka age, 5 year, it is may father zaka, may name is atiq-ur-rehman. father , to zaka,

    sar, pl
    zaka eyes problam. docter treatmant, – 4 eyes nomber.left and right eyes same nomber.-4. ha. ok
    and sar, blinking tha eye. docter bay birth problam ha. pl? sar gid me?

    [email protected]
    i am vating u? pl?

  9. yasmin says:

    Hi im yasmin… im 24 yrs old… have dark circles and i have tried cucumber, potato and almost all home remedies but it dint help me get rid of them…pls tell me what else to do..also i have weak eyesight almost -4 for both the eyes……

  10. Kishore Kumar says:

    Hi,i am Kishore,
    I read your tips and its helpful too.
    my age is 28 now and my eyesight is already weaken that my no.is + 4.5 for both eyes.
    so what can i do to reduce it?
    Plz suggest something….

    thank you in advanced…!

  11. Tantra Diva Melody says:

    I am vision impaired and have been
    told I am at risk for glaucoma
    which can cause blindness.

    Please advise any remedial treatent
    for this condition.

    Thank you.
    Goddess Blessings.

  12. Mohammed ilyas basra says:

    Dear Sir, my age is 40 years old. i m feeling that eyesight is going to weak.
    please tell me that without medicine how can i improve my eyesight, i mean which excercis
    or fruit and vegetables are useful.

    thankyou for your consideration.

  13. Raj says:

    Hi im raj from sri lanka. Im 18 years old. I have very deep eyes and close set eyes. I look very bad And im not comfortable with it. Some times i try to kill my self because of my looks. Please let me know some remedies for my problem. I have lost my parents long time ago so i have to look after my family as well. Please kindly help me.

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