Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Natural hair loss remedies is what all bald people are searching for. With many natural cures for other skin treatments and other ailments, natural remedies are often seen as the safer alternative than man made medications. Just like other conditions, hair loss does have its own group of natural treatments proven to stimulate the re growth of hair.

2 very powerful natural remedies for hair loss are Zinc and Vitamin B6.

Just by taking zinc, studies have shown that it slows down the causes in the body which contribute to hair loss. When zinc is taken with vitamin B6, it has produced very good results in trials on real bald suffering men and women by slowing down hair reduction by up to 90%. Vitamin B6 is most powerful when it is taken daily in a dose of 100mg. If you take more than 500mg per day, the vitamin b6 can cause damage to the nerves. And too much of the Zinc will make you ill so don’t believe that more is always best.

Herbal extracts such as Saw Palmetto are also worth a good look. It reduces the hormones which can cause hair loss and goes right into the cell membranes to help stimulate growth.
There are hardly any side effects with this herb. Studies have not been extensive on this herb but it is good to use it with a vitamin such as the B6.

There are many other natural remedies you could use to give a good boost to improve the hair regrowth. Using essential oils like lavender, thyme and rosemary in a combination can work. When it is put onto the scalp or area of bladness with grape seed oil, 44% of people in studies have had some success in the regeneration of hair strands.

Another favorite with dermatologists is onion juice. Apart from being a little smelly, it has proven to be effective against certain types of hair loss such as alopecia. Within two weeks, there was a noticeable regrowth of hair and over 70% of the onion juice users experienced some re grouping of hair.
Any of these ideas will be worth looking into for more specifics. As with all natural remedies, side effects are usual very minimal but you should still try to exercise caution and not over do things.


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