Defining & Understanding Healthy Hairs

Defining & Understanding Healthy Hairs

Healthy hair means hair thoroughly moisturized, flexible, without split ends, easy to style. When hair stops absorbing moisture, it becomes dry and rough; in other words, it looks bad.

A healthy cortex is fundamental to healthy hair. Hair stays healthy as long as the cortex protein binds moisture, leaving hair shiny and full.

However, even a healthy cortex cannot protect hair from the effects of stress without proper protection provided by cuticle scales. The damage begins when scales separate, baring the whole length of the cortex. Friction may also contribute to cortex damage. The frequency and type of cosmetic treatments, such as combing or chemicals to bleach or perm the hair, are among some of the major damage causing factors, experts at The Oxford Hair Foundation say.

Following are symptoms of damaged hair:

  • Breaking,
  • Split ends,
  • Dryness,
  • Dullness,
  • Problems with styling,
  • No volume.

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