Global Facts about hairs

  • An average person has more than 100,000 hairs on their head. It is normal to lose about 40 to 80 hairs a day.
  • Human beings’ hair is replenished continuously, and as soon as someone loses some hair it is replaced.
  • On average, in the Middle East, hair grows approximately 1.5cm a month and 0.3mm a day.
  • One of the most important hair compositions is Keratin. At the root the Keratin is fairly week, while it enjoys moderate strength in the mid length and the most strength at the hair ends. The longer the hair the harder the Keratin is at the end.
  • Hair consists of several layers. The outer layer is called the cuticle and the core layer is the cortex.
  • An average hair’s life span is 5-6 years. Women’s hair can live up to 7 years, whereas men on average have a hair life span of 3-4 years.
  • Each 1cm/sq of the scalp produces about 100-200 hairs.
  • Asian hair can be up to 3 times thicker and stronger than European hair.
  • Hair can be classified according to the following: colour, thickness, hair condition and shape.
  • Lastly, as the well-known Asian saying goes:
    – Hair is the crown on a lady’s head
    – Sometimes your first impression is based on the style of someone’s hair when you first see them.
  •  Surprisingly, many men even get depressed when their hair starts falling out.


  1. Annie says:

    I am a mixed race with very long hair I am 43 years old now ,And I fine the front of my hair is very thin and not growing for some years now I try using alot of things now I am using vitamin e hoping this will work,What do u suggust i should used?And why does this happen.thank you Annie

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