Home Remedies Cures for Baldness and Hair Loss.

Home Remedies For Cure and Baldness

Hair in normal and healthy conditions does not fall out at an alarming rate. The excess fall out occurs mostly when the hair condition is extremely dry, rough and damaged. Natural hair loss remedies is what all bald people are searching for. With many natural cures for other skin treatments and other ailments, natural remedies are often seen as the safer alternative than man made medications.


Conditioning And Nourishing

Conditioning and nourishing of hair are the top priorities to prevent excess hair loss. Cream rinses help the dry and rough hair to regain its flexibility. Generous application of moisturizers and oil preparations replenish the moisture and oil in the dry hair.


Massage is a very important element of the scalp treatment to control excess fall out of hair. It invigorates the blood circulation, giving hair an increased supply of nutrition and oxygen for healthy growth. Massage also stimulates the dormant hair follicles to grow fresh hair.

Here are some home remedies cures for baldness and hair loss.

  • Take 4 parts of Bhringaraj, 3 parts of Jatamamsi and 5 parts of Dashamoola. Mix all ingredients with hot goat milk and then boil this mixture. Drinking this milk everyday before going to bed at night helps in reducing hair loss or baldness.
  • Amla oil is considered very useful in treating hair loss. Mix equal quantity of fresh amla juice and lime juice and use this as a hair shampoo. It prevents baldness.
  • Take a little amount of honey and a few drops of kanta karika juice. Mix both of ingredients very well and apply this mixture over the scalp.
  • Mix 4 tbsp of yogurt and 4 tbsp of camphor lotion. Apply it on the head, leave it to soak for 2-3 hours then wash off with lukewarm water.
  • The easiest and the cheapest solution is to grow the remaining hair, and then to restyle it to cover the baldness affected areas.
  • Conditioning the hair would give body to the hair; but these methods can be resorted to only in mild cases of baldness.
  • Rubbing a slice of lemon the bald patches for a month or two will restore the growth of hair.
  • Fresh juice of leaves of Amaranth is another valuable remedy for hair loss.
  • Mixture of the powder of black pepper, onion and salt is rubbed on the bald patches to check the infection of ringworm’s.
  • Massaging the scalp with aloe Vera gel or coconut milk is effective remedy for hair loss and treating baldness.

Hope the above natural cure and home remedies for baldness and hair loss help you.

Try these age-old treatments of Baldness & hair loss.

The Hair Rejuvenating Ointment Powder 10 gm each of lime seeds and black pepper. Make a fine paste in plain water or if possible in ginger juice. Apply this paste on the head every night. Leave it on for at least a couple of hours. Then rinse it out. Massage your scalp with your finger tips for five minutes while applying the paste.
(Note: Application of the above paste may irritate your scalp. If you have sensitive skin, reduce the quantity of the ingredients.)

The Magic Treatment for Spot Baldness

Make a paste with a few small sticks of Mulathi in milk cream. Add a little saffron and apply it on the bald patches at night. Rinse it out with clear water in the morning. If possible, mix some ground Dhatura seeds in the paste. It increases the potency of the treatment. Massage your bald scalp spot generously with your finger tips for five minutes while applying the ointment.

The Wonderful Oil Massage

Castor oil is excellent for hair re-growth. If combined with white iodine which is available at the chemist shop, it can produce the desired results. Part your hair in small sections and apply the oil to the scalp with cotton. Massage it in with your finger tips. If you are able to get white iodine solution, use it similarly on every alternate day. Squeeze the milk out of 1/2 a coconut, add the juice of half a lime and massage into the scalp. Leave on for 4 – 6 hours. Wash with a mild shampoo or crushed Hibiscus leaves mixed with a tablespoon of crushed fenugreek seeds and made into a paste.

Do’s and Don’ts of Baldness / Hair loss

In case of baldness due to fungal, viral or bacterial infections, consult a dermatologist.
Use a soft brush with well-spaced bristles. Sanitize your implements, i.e. brushes, combs, etc. at least once a week. Take iron tablets in case you are anemic.

Improve the protein content of your diet.

The most important aspect of any treatment is the correct diagnosis. Unless it is well determined by observing the physical characteristics and studying the other causes for hair loss, the treatments given may not work efficaciously. It is advisable to seek professional help in cases of severe hair loss.


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