Inexpensive Ways to Treat Dandruff

Many people are affected by dandruff. Learn how to treat the problem effectively without spending a lot of money.

Dandruff is a widespread problem that regular impacts up to 70% of Americans. While this scalp condition is neither contagious nor debilitating, dandruff can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and emotional distress. Despite the commonness of the problems, many people are unsure of how to best treat dandruff or believe that professional help is necessary to eliminate the irritating flakes. By trying different methods, it is possible to find a treatment that is both highly effective and inexpensive.There is still considerable debate over what exactly causes dandruff. Most agree that excessive amounts of the naturally occurring yeast Pityrosporum Ovale is directly involved in the formation of dandruff. Regardless of yeast levels, dandruff is also caused by the skin’s natural process of shedding cells as it regenerates. The old skin cells flake off to make room for new cells. Outside factors such as stress and weather conditions can lead to changes in skin condition that speed up the skin’s natural shedding process. However, many effective treatments are available to combat these problems.

Treatment Of Dantruff

  • Those with mild dandruff will find that regularly washing the scalp dramatically reduces the level of skin flaking. A specially formulated shampoo is also important in treating dandruff. Look for medicated shampoo’s containing the ingredient ketaconazole, which will work quickly to get problematic flakes under control. If a shampoo does not seem to be helping, switch to a different product that has a different base of ingredients. Not all remedies will work the same for everyone.

  • If you find that your hair is becoming dry or brittle from treatment, try using a deep conditioner to restore moisture to the ends of your hair. When washing, be sure to only apply the shampoo to the roots of the hair in order to avoid stripping your hair of moisture.

  • Natural treatments can also be employed to treat dandruff, although these options may take considerably longer to take effect. A mixture of coconut oil and lemon extract can be applied to problems areas to eliminate dandruff. Another good treatment is to regularly rinse the scalp with apple cider vinegar. Vinegar tends to restore the scalp to a healthier state and is effective at cleaning off environmental toxins that may be contributing to dandruff problems.

  • In addition to topical treatments, you should also take steps to ensure that your skin is properly nourished and supplements from the inside. A healthy diet based mostly on fruits and vegetables will keep skin healthy and fresh. Vitamins can also be used to fill any deficiancies that may occur in the diet. Be sure that you are getting the daily recommended levels of vitamins E, C, and D, as well as enough protein to allow skin to regenerate properly. It is vital to keep skin properly hydrated, so be sure to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily.

While dandruff is a pressing problems for many people, a multitude of effective and inexpensive treatments are available. Medicated shampoos offer the quickest and most convenient way to treat flaky scalps, but natural treatments can also be beneficial. If neither of these options is effective for you, consult a physician or dermatologist for further information on how to best treat your dandruff.

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