Quick Bouncy Hair

I am In Love With My Shiny Bouncy Hairs

Here’s a tip for bouncy and Fluffy Hairs,
Fluffy hair if you don’t have electric or steam rollers.Wash and dry your hair at night before you go to bed. In the morning, before your shower, mist your hair with hair spray, (lightly). Set your hair with Velcro rollers, spray one more lighter coat of hair spray, put on a shower cap and take your shower. When you are done, remove the cap, get dressed, apply your makeup, and take the rollers out. You will have a nice set curl or fluff. If your hair is long, Put your hair in a high pony tail on top of your head, take sections and roll the hair with the Velcro rollers, spray, and cover with the shower cap. Your long hair will have waves and bounce.

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