Solutions & Fast fixes for Greasy Hair

Are You Frustrate With Your Greasy Hairs ?

Some Fast Fixes and Solution For Your Greasy Hairs

Greasy hair is due to a build-up of the natural secretion (‘grease’ or, more correctly, sebum) from glands in the scalp (sebaceous glands). The sebum passes into the hair follicle and spreads upwards and over the hair shaft. It is not absorbed into the shaft, For oily hair that needs frequent washing, avoid using shine-enhancing products which can make greasy hair look stringy.


  • Don’t use creamy conditioners and waxes that stay on the hair shaft and put your oil production into overdrive.
  • Don’t over-brush. Use a dab of leave-in conditioner on the ends only, avoiding the scalp.
  • After you have styled your hair, avoid fingering it or running your fingers through it.

Fast Fixes 

  1. Blot your scalp with oil-absorbing sheets intended for your face.
  2. Frequent washing does not encourage the production of grease.

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