Tips for Lanky or Limp Hair

Tips For Lanky or Limp Hair

Usually if a person has limp and lifeless hair, then it is usually a result of genetics problem. It is possible to transform lifeless hair into full bodied voluminous hair. Here’s how:

Few Steps That Makes Your Hairs Silky and Lengthy 

  1. Choose your shampoos and conditioners carefully. Don’t use any product having moisture. You don’t need a product that leaves behind a heavy deposit because these will only make limp locks look more flat.
  2. Look for lightweight or clean rinsing shampoos and conditioners. You may use Baby shampoos and baby powder. Baby shampoos are gentle enough to wash your hair, but they also break down the entire residue that’s piled onto your hair.
  3. Use them everyday to wash away excess naturally occurring scalp oil. Your hair could also benefit from the use of a conditioner that contains proteins which will help thicken up fine hair.
  4. Use large Velcro rollers to roll hair when it’s 95 percent dry. Blow dries the rollers for five minutes and then spritzes a salt spray to your roots to add extra body.

Do you want Bouncy Hairs?  

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