How to apply make up

cai74ly3.jpg Mastering the art of makeup has never been so easy. At last you can get the makeup looks you want – whether you are aiming for dramatic forties glitz, a swinging sixties monochrome effect, pretty pastels, or a natural look.

All you have to do is follow our step-by-step beauty tips to learn exactly how to apply the perfect makeup for the most stunning results. we delivers smart beauty information on makeup tips , skin care , hair care, hair styles, eye care, hand and feet care, home made recipes, beauty products and many others that will help you highlight your natural beauty with emphasis on proper use of beauty and makeup products and an update on the latest cosmetics products and tips.

Steps of Aplying Makeup – Some Makeup Tips

  1. The process of putting on makeup must always start with clean skin so first of all Wash face with cleansing milk .
  2. Apply a toner followed with a moisturizer.
  3. Start by using a little foundation so as to get a very thinlayer of foundation to even out your skin color. You may even use

    a cover stick or concealer marks, dark circles and blemishes.

  4. Apply concealer if required.
  5. Brush powder for the matte finish as it controls oiliness.
  6. Now start your eye makeup. Apply shadow, liner, kajal andlastly mascara.
  7. Blush your cheeks, according to your face shape.
  8. Finish defining the lips with a lip pencil and lipstick.

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